Keeping Hedgehogs As Pets – The Do’s and Don’ts

Hedgehogs as pets are a wonderful little addition to the family or home, but you must be sure that he is young and tame enough to cause no injuries. Hedgehogs as pets can offer hours upon hours of endless entertainment, but some may find that they are bored with his up all night sleep all day routine. He will alter this to a certain extent, as all captive creatures do their natural, wild habits, but for the most part you will find him to be active during the late evening and early morning hours. He can be cuddly, and he is very friendly, but he must be handled properly from the start in order to avoid discomfort for either him or you.

If you plan to keep hedgehogs as pets, you will need to keep your population down to just one or invest in separate living quarters for each one. As they need a great deal of space for their adventurous and playful natures, this could take up quite a bit of your living area. They are extremely territorial, and any additional hedgehogs or other animals in their area will provoke an ugliness in him that you may not appreciate. It is best to start with just one of these little guys, and you should get him as young as possible, learning and getting used to each other in a stress free and easy manner.

For keeping your hedgehogs as pets, his cage and play area will be your first and most important concern. Though he is only the size of a large hamster, he needs room to explore and mark his territory. A large pet taxi may work well for his basic sleeping and nesting needs, but you will need to fashion another area for his foraging and active times. You can do this with an empty kids pool or by fashioning a box of wood with 8 inch sides. Inside of this and his cage, you must never use standard pine bedding, but rather non wood or cork pellets, or aspen chips.

Hedgehogs as pets will need to be offered a wide variety of foods, and these will include anything from high protein kitten food to grubs. It is recommended that you purchase feeders bugs from a pet food store rather than finding them in your backyard, as these little guys are highly susceptible to parasites. Bananas are a favorite fruit, but should only be offered about twice a week in small chunks. Water should be readily available, as well as boxes and pvc piping for tunnels to hide and play in. handle him often, as he will learn your scent and gentle ways quickly if you involve yourself.

Source by Peter J Lee