Is Your Dog Eating Feces?

Eating feces is a common complaint from dog owners. The term is called coprophagia. Lactating females clean up after their puppies to keep the whelping area free of problems. Some dogs will eat feces from a cat box or fresh stools left at the dog park or play area.

There are many theories why dogs do this repulsive snacking. Some believe it is because fresh stools remind them of the warm, semi-solid, semi-digested food that their mother regurgitated for her pups to eat. I have been breeding for years and I have yet to witness a mother doing so. I have seen a dog throw up when sick or upset and other dogs wanting to eat it.

What I have found to be the problem is one or more of the following: Fed a diet lacking in calories, minerals or vitamins. Fed a diet that is not absorbable (can’t digest) examples: high in corn, soybean or other fillers. The dog has worms or other parasites. The dog needs to have the good flora built back up due to antibiotics, surgery or vaccinations. In some cases has developed a bad habit.

Look at the food you are feeding your dog. Does it have corn or soybean listed first, second or third? If it does, your dog may not be getting the nutrition it needs. The food may be difficult to digest.

Does your dog look overweight, is it due to bloating? What kind of treats and how often does your pet receive treats? Does your dog pass gas? Does its stool stink? These are all signs of poor digestion or parasites. Have you seen anything white that looks like rice moving in your doggie’s stools? Does your dog slide its rear end across the yard or worse yet, your carpet? He may have parasites or anal gland issues. When did the behavior start? Right after surgery, shots, boarding?

Here are several tips to stop the behavior: First remove the temptation. Put the cat box where the cat can get to it but not the hound. Move it behind something, up on a table, put up a gate the cat can jump over but not the dog. Poop scoop the yard.

Add one spoonful of crushed canned pineapple or one spoonful of spinach to your dog’s meal. This is a cheaper method then purchasing Forbid, a product added to your dog’s food to stop the problem. Sprinkle hot sauce, lemon juice or anything your dog finds distasteful on the stools.

Poop proofing your pooch, you are setting up the situation and correcting the behavior. The method I prefer is to walk with my dog on a leash and when they try to smell a stool command “OFF” or “NO” and sharply tug on the leash away from the stool. Repeat several short sessions till your dog understands what to avoid. Dogs are very reactive and soon your dog will avoid the stools.

I add Kefir to their diet if I believe their good flora was destroyed by antibiotics, surgery or vaccinations. Use for 90 days. Pour 1 Tablespoon on a saucer, twice daily for a 10 # dog. If you have seen anything moving in the stools or butt scooting, deworm twice, 2 weeks apart.

I love the grate/crate method since I know exactly what is going on with my dog the day it happens. Use your sight, sense of smell and watch for changes in behavior.

Source by Ardy Livermore